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It's Our Business to Grow Your Business

My business is to assist individuals, organizations, businesses, charities, churches and more in creating the best video marketing, advertising, $ opportunities (instant pay), credit card processing and business referrals that is affordable, simple and supportive. As my slogan says: It’s Our Business To Grow Your Business

Video Marketing is the best and most popular way to show your products, services and more, while creating relationship marketing. They see You and Your products/services thru Video Emails, Video Newsletters, Video/Live Conferencing, Webinars, Sign Up forms and Video Chat. Watch my product videos and opportunity videos (instant pay) then call/text 808-382-2273 and I’ll show you how. ID: 1115899

Credit Card Processing for all types of businesses. We can give you a merchant account with the best rates and most current processing available.  You may want our POS systems, our retail, home or office terminals, our mobile terminals or our Internet processing packages. Maybe you would like a comparable market analysis of your current processor. Call/text 808-382-2273 for more information.

Business Referrals are the backbone of the business industry. Let me help match you with the businesses I know and work with. Having over 24 years in the credit card industry I may have a match for you. Call/text 808-382-2273 to find your match.

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Young Living
Essential Oils
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Matching & Info

Featured product:
Clover Plus Dashboard

Clover Plus Dashboard is powerful
for all your POS payment
processing needs.

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EMV Technology is very important.
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Featured Video Marketing Products:

Featured Video Marketing Products

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Our video programs connect you to the world!

For further info contact Jeannette Forma

via text/phone (808) 382-2273. ID: 1115899

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The World is Changing!
Video is important in today’s
marketing and communication!

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Video Marketing & Communication products.

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Payment Processing

- Credit Cards
- Debit Cards
- Checks
- Military/Purchase Cards
- EMV-Chip Technology
- Internet
- EBT Program
- Gift Cards
- Customer Loyalty Cards
- Payroll Debit Cards


Video Communication

- Video Email
- Video Newsletter
- Video Chat
- Video Conferencing
& Live Broadcasting
- Fusion on the Go (App for your phone)
- E-Subscription Form
- Video Auto Responder
- Video Share


Business Matching

Jeannette Forma of Forma Associates Payment Processing, Video Communication, Business Matching

Your ALL-IN-ONE Video
Marketing Solution

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