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Credit Card Processing - Health & Wellness

It’s Our Business To Grow Your Business

Jeannette Forma, owner of Forma Associates, is very experienced in credit card payment processing services for all types of businesses with over 25 years experience.

Jeannette assists entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses and all types of organizations with credit card processing and provides quality products and software that are affordable, simple and support all types of business.

Educating businesses on using the best products and tools in the credit card industry is Jeannette’s priority. She wants to help your financial growth and success.

Review each section of the website to familiarize yourself with the different products and services she provides.

Credit Card Processing Services

Expand Your Business With More Payment Power

Jeannette Forma’s expertise in the credit card service field has produced hundreds of clients with customer loyalty for over 10+ years. She provides businesses with the best software and products for credit card processing.

Jeannette specializes in payment processing for both new and existing businesses to take credit, debit, purchase and gift cards; handles all credit card payment processing service requirements for businesses to accept payments; implements systems for many businesses to make payment processing more efficient and helps businesses grow; specializing in mobile credit card equipment and web processing; provides education, setup and monitoring and provides recommendations.

She provides merchants with payment processing services for small and medium businesses (internet, retail, restaurant, home-based, organizations, phone / mail order, POS systems, mobile POS systems for mobile businesses).

Her market includes stores and retail businesses, restaurants, home-based businesses, kiosks, mobile merchants, internet.

Jeannette can give you a merchant account with the best rates and most current processing available. You may want our POS systems, our retail, home or office terminals, our mobile terminals or our Internet processing packages. Payment processing can include mail order and/or telephone order, direct and/or indirect sales, and on-the-go/mobile. Would you like a comparable market analysis of your current processor?


Full POS Station

Station is a full POS system, with swivel stand printer, cash drawer and pin pads. Accessories are optional.


Flex Hand-Held POS/Terminal

Flex is a hand-held POS/terminal. It is a mobile device with readable screen and printer. Take this POS system anywhere you go or just use it as a mobile terminal.


Mini POS System

This is the Mini POS System. You can use it as a terminal by itself or use it together with a POS.


GO Device

The Go is an on the Go Payment System. It accepts credit, debit and EMV chip cards using a smartphone or tablet.


Internet / Virtual Terminals

Choices for your website: Online Ordering, with or without shopping carts and/or virtual terminal.

Call or text Jeannette at 808-382-2273 to discuss your credit card processing needs.

Or send an email by filling out this contact form.

For more information visit her website at

Health and Wellness

Jeannette also has a passion for building business relationships and wellness opportunities. These are her tools for working with others.

Learn the health benefits of essential oils and CBD products.
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Visit her website, to see all the wellness products and options for income opportunities.

Forma Associates Health and Wellness


Jeannette Forma has been a longtime member and supporter of many organizations and a member of their membership committees. Her availability to meet with interested potential members and newcomers has been very valuable.

She created a networking community that stretches nationally, from her affiliations, organizations and institutions for business. Her philosophy: “It’s all in the networking”.

Jeannette believes in the development and support of ‘community’ and is an advocate for small business.

Jeannette Forma owner of Forma Associates Supporter of Community, Organizations and Small Business

About Jeannette

Jeannette Forma is the proud owner of Forma Associates. Being a past part owner for many years of a telecommunication company in the Boston area, serving 27 corporations and 3 hospitals, Jeannette brings a lot of sales and experience to the table. Her professional life evolved into her current business which is a multi-collaboration of her passions:

Credit Card Processing, and Health and Wellness

Jeannette’s business history in sales covers over 24 years. Her positions have included local, regional, national and global sales.

Her business philosophy is simple: what you think is what you attract.

Jeannette believes in networking. You can never know enough people, they are your connections to grow your business and stay successful.

Selling is not something you do TO someone.
It’s something you do FOR someone. – Zig Ziglar

She also belongs to many organizations and is on many committees, she recommends: get involved and meet people.

Jeannette also likes to mentor others. Her method includes the 3 Ts: Teaching, Training, and Technology.

Jeannette Forma owner of Forma Associates photo

Contact Jeannette

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To get further info on credit card processing, contact Jeannette Forma by calling or texting her at 808-382-2273.

If you would like to send her an email fill out the contact form below.

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